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hedgehogs and mad hatters
you can all join in
for the benefit of mr. kite
Incredible String Band
the song has no ending
Eric Clapton
Fairport Convention
liege & lief
i can ride my bike around the room
Mabel Greer's Toyshop
signs and wonders
the 14 hour technicolour dream
John Peel
clowns, lullabies and butterflies
El Pea
Burnin' Red Ivanhoe
A Gift From A Flower To A Garden
Family: Music In A Doll's House

Liege & Lief. 1969

 Side One:
Come All Ye 4:55
Reynardine 4:33
 Matty Groves 8:08
Farewell, Farewell 2:38.

Side Two:
The Deserter 4:10
 *The Lark in the Morning;
*Rakish Paddy;
*Fox-Hunter's Jig;
*Toss the Feathers 4:00
Tam Lin 7:20
Crazy Man Michael 4:35.

Sandy Denny, vocals
Dave Mattacks, drums
Ashley Hutchings, bass guitar
 Simon Nicol, guitars
 Dave Swarbrick, violin and viola
Richard Thompson, guitars.

Recorded at Sound Techniques Studio,
October 16 - November 2, 1969
Engineer: John Wood,
Sound Techniques Ltd.
Producer: Joe Boyd,
Witchseason Productions Ltd.
with special thanks to the
English Folk Dance & Song Society at
Cecil Sharp House

Island ILPS 9115 LP,
UK, December 1969
A&M SP 7257 LP,
 US, 1969
Island IMCD 60 CD, UK,
September 1986
A&M CD 4257 CD, US,
November 1988
Island ILPM 9115
LP '25 Years Collection' reissue,
UK, October 1986
Island IMCD 291
(CD, UK, May 2002)

Liege & Lief. back cover

Favourite Pictures of
The Liege and Lief

Sandy Denny
Sandy Denny. 1947 - 1978

Ashley Hutchings
Ashley Hutchings

Dave Mattacks
Dave Mattacks

Simon Nicol
Simon Nicol

Dave Swarbrick

Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson

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