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El Pea

hedgehogs and mad hatters
you can all join in
for the benefit of mr. kite
Incredible String Band
the song has no ending
Eric Clapton
Fairport Convention
liege & lief
i can ride my bike around the room
Mabel Greer's Toyshop
signs and wonders
the 14 hour technicolour dream
John Peel
clowns, lullabies and butterflies
El Pea
Burnin' Red Ivanhoe
A Gift From A Flower To A Garden
Family: Music In A Doll's House

Late November
(Sandy Denny)

The wine it was drunk
The ship it was sunk
The shot it was dead
All the sorrows were drowned
The birds they were clouds
The brides and the shrouds
And as we drew south
The mist it came down
The wooded ravine
To the wandering stream
The serpent he moved
But no one would say
The depths of the waters
The bridge which distraught us
And brought to me thoughts
Of the ill-fated day
The temples were filled
With the strangest of creatures
One played it by ear
On the banks of the sea
That one was found
But the others they went under
Oh, the tears which are shed
They won't come from me
The methods of madness
The pathos and the sadness
God help you all
The insane and wise
The black and the white
And the darkness of the night
I see only smoke
From the chimneys arise
The pilot he flew
All across the sky and woke me
He flew so low
On the mercury sea
The dream it came back
All about the tall brown people
The sacred young herd
On the phosphorus sand

el pea
Island (LP, UK, 1971)

Side 1

Empty Pages
Sandy Denny:
 Late November
(Alternative version to the one on
Alan Bown:
Thru the Night 
John & Beverly Martin:
Fairport Convention:

Side 2

Jethro Tull:
Mother Goose
Dive Deep
Spring Season
McDonald & Giles:
Extract from Tomorrow's People
- The Children of Today
Tir Na Nog:
Our Love Will Not Decay
Don't Look Around

Side 3

Highway Song
Incredible String Band:
Waiting for You
Cat Stevens:
Wild World
Sudden Street
Mike Heron:
Feast of Stephen

Side 4

Emerson Lake & Palmer:
Knife Edge
Nick Drake:
One of These Things First
Mott the Hoople:
Original Mixed-Up Kid
 Jimmy Cliff:
Cant' Stop Worrying,
Can't Stop Loving
Mick Abrahams:
Greyhound Bus

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