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hedgehogs and mad hatters
you can all join in
for the benefit of mr. kite
Incredible String Band
the song has no ending
Eric Clapton
Fairport Convention
liege & lief
i can ride my bike around the room
Mabel Greer's Toyshop
signs and wonders
the 14 hour technicolour dream
John Peel
clowns, lullabies and butterflies
El Pea
Burnin' Red Ivanhoe
A Gift From A Flower To A Garden
Family: Music In A Doll's House
Music In A Doll's House 1968
Reprise RS-6312 1968

Music In A Dolls House
Reprise RS -6312 1968

- Roger Chapman: lead vocals, harmonica, tenor saxophone
- John Whitney: lead guitar, steel guitar
- Jim King: tenor and soprano saxophone, harmonica, vocals
- Ric Grech: bass guitar, violin, cello, vocals
- Rob Townsend: drums, percussion

All tracks credited to John Whitney, Roger Chapman and Family unless noted.

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London
Executive producer: John Gilbert
Producer: Dave Mason
Co-producer: Jimmy Miller
Engineers: Eddie Kramer and George Chiantz
Design: Peter Duval
Photo: Julian Cottrell

Family are one of our favourite non-folk bands, though having said that there are in our opinion some folk elements in Family's music..somewhat the same sort of folk the inhabits some of Jethro Tull's material

The Chase

Mellowing Grey

Never Like This (Dave Mason)

Me My Friend

Variation on a theme of Hey Mr. Policeman


Old Songs New Songs

Variation on a theme of The Breeze

Hey Mr. Policeman

See Through Windows

Variation on a theme of Me My Friend

Peace of Mind


The Breeze

3 x Time

two vintage videos, or film as
it was back then, of this amazing band

Strange Band
the Family Home Page
... A band whose quest for
world domination never quite got
past Leicester Polytechnic...

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